Home Cleaning in Minutes


Easy Daily Routine to make your home always ready.

Cleaning is a constant but yet considered as an added responsibility. It is one of the reason sometimes we have limit ourselves to go out and explore the world, especially if you are a parent and have kids. It is a responsibility, aside from your office work, to always maintain a well and exceptional-outcome in keeping your home.

Your home is your sanctuary, a chamber where you can have the comfort that you need to keep going with life. It's a place where you can relax and be free from outside stress. A place where you keep on coming back after a long day, that's home. But how can you relax, be stress-free and find the comfort that you would like if you have a lot of clutter and unorganized stuff that you have missed before you go out.

Maria's Green Cleaning Services is a company who understands your pace in life. We know that time runs fast and you need to keep up with the cycle of life. So, here are the simple home cleaning tasks for you to always have a clean home. A simple and yet, something that may contribute a lot to have a perfect home after a tiring day.

Starting the day right. Before leaving your bedroom, arrange your bed and pick up some clutters. It can be a book, clothes, a piece of paper or a pillow that tumbles when you were sleeping. Picking up the items on your floor which are not intended to be on the ground, will lighten and make your floor space neat.

After breakfast, if you are a breaky person, don't leave your countertops full with soiled dishes or pots and pans. If you cannot avoid it, you may put some water with soap in the sink and soak your utensils. By this, your leftovers will not harden on your tableware and cookware. Also, wipe your countertops using vinegar, or cooking-cleaning aid that is within your reach. Most natural or non-toxic cleaning products are seen in your kitchen. Maximize your kitchen stuff or condiments. Natural is healthy.    

In your living room, hallway and entryway the common problem is disorganized stuff or too many items. Buy some baskets or organizers to keep your extras well-kept and hidden. It will have your area systematize and have a well-focused place.

The Bathroom is known as one of the dirtiest space in your home. Cleaning and sanitizing this room will surely take most of your time. According to research, you should at least do deep cleaning in your bathroom once a week. But here's how you can lessen the accumulation of germs or bacteria in less than ten (10) minutes. Start from the dirtiest, toilet. Pour your preferred toilet cleaner in a usual manner and scrub it using a toilet brush.

For better results, let the solution sit for two to three minutes before scrubbing. While you are waiting, you can start spraying your cleaning liquid or multi-purpose cleaner to your toilet, sink, faucet, and bathroom mirror. Then wipe it down using a microfiber. For your mirror, it is better to use toilet paper or paper towels. Make sure that your microfiber and paper towels are not too wet or dripping to avoid more mess and gather the dirt effectively. For drying your toilet brush after usage, you may hang it using your toilet seat. Lastly, your floors, spray your preferred cleaning solution then, after taking a steam bath, you may use an old towel to wipe down the tiles.

Floor. If you have carpeted floors, vacuuming is not an option for you as it consumes a lot of time. So, the only choice is for you to pick up the clutters that are visible in your naked eye. Though it's not the kind of cleaning that you are aiming for carpet, it will still help to make your home fresh and ready for unexpected guests. If you have tiled ones, you may stick a microfiber on your slippers and spray a little of your floor-cleaning solution. And voila, you are cleaning your floors while walking around your home. 

Complete and thorough home cleaning takes time and effort but doing this simple thing will help you alleviate or lessen the energy that you will exert in deep cleaning in the time that you have allotted in the future. Or walk-in to your home without lifting a single mess by contacting us and let us do the cleaning for you. Deep Cleaning is a thorough work that needs a comprehensive and detailed way of sanitizing, washing and deodorizing your home. In which Maria is proud in doing the said tasks. We have gained the trust of almost all of our clients who booked a deep cleaning service. No time? Don't worry we have you covered. Contact Us.