Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I have to supply the cleaning supplies?

To make sure that we keep the standard of the company among all projects, we bring our own cleaning supplies, which are all natural, non-toxic cleaning products only. We only use Method, and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. You may request to use your own supplies, we will happily oblige as long as those are green cleaning products as well.

+ Do I have to be home during the cleaning appointment?

It is not required that you be home on your cleaning appointment. Most of our clients actually prefer to have their home cleaned while they are away. We would just like to ask a detailed instruction on how the cleaner can get in your home to ensure that the cleaning will be done in a timely manner.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Since we are assigning the cleaners in advance, we require that you notify us 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning time if you would like the appointment rescheduled or cancelled. A cancellation fee is also applied if our cleaner is unable to enter the home because no access was provided.

+ How can I pay for the service?

We are currently taking credit cards as form of payment. We are accepting VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover

+ Are you pet-friendly?

Our cleaners work around pets all the time and have no issues. The loud noise coming from the vacuum may startle them though so we recommend that you keep the pets out of the cleaner’s way to make sure that they won’t get scared and to also ensure the best service from our cleaners.

+ Do I have to sign a contract with your cleaning company?

No, there are no contracts to sign. We are happy to gain your business everytime we service your home.

+ What type of cleaning supplies are you using?

Maria only uses an all natural, non-toxic cleaning products. That's to keep our mission of protecting your home, family, and the environment as well. That's one step as well in encouraging the whole Seattle to go green and lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

+ Should I tip my house cleaner?

Gratuities are neither expected or required. Leaving them a simple note letting them know how well they did will mean a lot to them. Our cleaners would love to know that their work met or exceeded your expectations. However, if you do wish to leave a tip, you may place it on the kitchen counter or you can call us to add the tip on your final charge.

+ What if my cleaning service appointment falls on a holiday?

If ever your cleaning appointment will fall on a holiday, we will notify you at lest 3 days in advance to reschedule your appointment.

+ Can I request for the same claner every time?

We will make the effort to send you the same cleaner for each appointment. Should the cleaner be unavailable, we will make sure to assign an equally professional cleaner to service your home.

+ Are your maids trustworthy?

All of our maids have undergone a background check before they started their employment with our company. This is to ensure that the maids we are assigning to clean your home are not only trained professionally but is someone you can trust.

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Regular Cleaning


This type of cleaning includes the general housework or the standard cleaning that most people do to maintain a level of cleanliness around the house. The tasks normally include removing the cobwebs, taking out the trash, dust the blinds and window sills and dusting the baseboards. In the bedroom, lamp and lampshades should be dusted, the beds should be made, pictures and knick knacks should also be dusted and a bit of organizing. For the kitchen, the top of the refrigerator should be wiped, the exterior part of the appliances should be wiped clean (refrigerator, oven etc.), the stove top should be washed and the sink is scrubbed and disinfected. The bathtub, shower and tiles are also cleaned, the mirror is wiped and all the bathroom counters and fixtures are cleaned and the waste bins emptied. Also, depending on the type of floor, it should be mopped or vacuumed. The stairs too are vacuumed and the handrails wiped. Basically, all carpeted areas are vacuumed. For safety of our cleaners, we do not move heavy objects or anything that weighs more than 20 lbs. Outdoor work is also not included in the regular cleaning. Lastly, for safety and health reasons, we do not remove pet and/or bodily fluids.

Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning.jpg

Deep cleaning would normally include everything in a regular or standard cleaning. This would normally involve a heavy duty scrubbing of the kitchen and bathrooms and wiping down the baseboards. Also, the ceiling fan blades are washed, all cabinet fronts are cleaned, all doors are wiped clean, light switch plates are also wiped, countertops are wiped and so as the backsplashes. In the bathroom, it will be a heavy duty scrubbing of the bath tub, shower are and the sink. If there is a build up in the tiles it will be double scrubbed. Deep stain removal though is not included in the service. To remain affordable with our service, grout removal is not included in the deep cleaning service. We suggest that you contact a grout removal professional to have this dealt with. Removal of pets and bodily fluids are still not included due to health and safety reasons.

Move in Cleaning/Move out Cleaning

Vacany Cleaning 2.jpg

This type of cleaning is basically a spring cleaning without the furniture. This would entail everything included on a regular cleaning with some extra tasks such as. We highly recommend that a deep cleaning done for a move in/move out cleaning to ensure that your home is thoroughly clean before moving in and leave it decently for the new tenants if you are moving out. Additional services should also be take into consideration such as cleaning inside fridge, inside oven, inside kitchen cabinets and cupboards etc.

Post-Construction Cleaning


The primary focus on these types of job is removing dusts that sneaked  into every nook and cranny of the space in a client’s home. Normally included on Post construction Cleaning/Post renovations Cleaning/Post Painting Cleaning Projects are vacuuming all soft surfaces, paying close attention to the details, vacuuming the upholstery at least twice to ensure that the dusts are removed and making sure that all carpeted areas are also dusted. This would also involve cleaning the surfaces from the top down and washing the walls. Interior windows and blinds should also be washed as the dusts likely accumulated in that area.

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